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更多内容请百度搜索:可小果我没听说过他 谁 -I never heard of him. -Who?你推荐的那位The man you recommended.吉他杀手 The guitar fighter?用一只手就洗劫了两个镇子 确实是个强人Wiped out a couple towns single-handedly. A real nut. Yeah.你应该知道他的 你只是不知道他们一直说的就是他You heard of him. You just didn't know it was him they were talking about.你该去见见他You should meet him.我的 那是我的Me. Me.. That's me.只要不是我做介绍人As long as I'm not the guy that has to make the introduction.拜地厥团伙屠杀那阵 你在墨西哥吗 Were you in Mexico during the Barillo cartel massacre?不在No.那是我第一次听说他的故事 他是个传奇人物That's when I first heard about him. He was a legend.他们过去常说他是 他们见过的最高的墨西哥人They used to say he was the biggest Mexican they'd ever seen.全是胡说八道 他顶多5'9"5'1 0"That was total bullshit. He was 5'9", 5'1 0", tops.没有记载 但是比大多数人是要高That's no record, but bigger than most of us.但是马尔克斯是个不同的故事But MarQuez, that's a different story.马尔克斯Marquez.马尔克斯 马尔克斯将军Marquez. Gen. Marquez.强壮而危险Powerful, dangerous.马尔克斯对于流浪艺人来说 确实是个对手Marquez, he really had it in for this Mariachi, see.他们称他为"吉他杀手"因为他一直带着这把吉他 They called him ""Mariachi"" because he used to carry this guitar.一把吉他 A guitar?相信我 他知道怎么弹Believe me, he really knew how to play it too.这个故事已经广为人知了Look, this story is well-traveled.也许有点夸大其词It might have picked up some embellishments along the way.我们只要了解个大概Just read between the lines.现在他不可能再是最高的墨西哥人了Now, he may not have been the biggest Mexican ever...好吧 - 但是她 -All right. -...but she was as deadly...绝对是个美人 ...as she was beautiful.- 有个女孩在那儿 - 是有个女孩在那儿-There's a girl? -Oh, yeah. There's a girl.他没有弹药的时候 她上场了When he'd run out of ammo, she'd take over.是你所见过的女人中最美的The most drop-dead gorgeous woman you'll ever see.所有的麻烦事都才刚刚开始 她是马尔克斯的人That's where all the trouble began. She was with MarQuez.当马尔克斯看到她跟了流浪艺人 他要疯了And when MarQuez saw that she was with the Mariachi, well, he went crazy.他终于找到了他 就快打死他的时候He hunted him down and fought Mariachi to the death. And then she...她一枪命中他的心脏...put a bullet in his heart.只是他没死Only he didn't die.我不知道接下来发生了什么 你要点什么吗-I don't know what happened after that. -Would you like some?不 也许马尔克斯找到他们 也许被其他犯罪团伙找到No. Maybe MarQuez caught up with them, or the cartels.但是就象我说的 那个人是个谜 一个传奇But like I said, the man is a myth, a legend.如果他还活着 他就是你要找的And if he's still living, he's the one you want.好吧 Well...真的是难以置信...that is truly unbelievable.我没夸张Well, I'm not big on telling stories.钱在哪里 这才是我在这儿的目的Where's the money? That's the reason I'm here.我找不到一个小包I couldn't find a briefcase small enough...装10000美元现金...for $1 0,000 in cash.成交It"ll do.如果你开价50000 我也会给你的Just for my own edification, I offered you 50.你为什么说不 我不贪心-Why'd you say no? -I'm not a greedy man.不指望暴发Not looking to get rich quick.而且50 000对于你要我 找出来你要的人来说也太多了Besides, 50,000 is a lot for what you wanted me to find out, you know.要是我喊这个价 你会朝我脑袋开枪的You may as just as well put a bullet in my head as cough it up, right?但是10000 But. 10?10000是官价Ten thousand is civilized.对于我们都能接受Ten is something we both can live with.10000可能还是太多Ten might still be too much.超过1 0 000你会杀我吗 You'd kill me over $1 0,000?你不敢You wouldn't dare.你不敢You wouldn't dare.我敢的 Yes, I would.我有这个荣幸吗 Would you do me the honor?你要学会弹才行You need to learn to play.不是有你在这儿吗That's why you're here.我听说这里是枪手之城I hear this is a town of Gunmen.我们只是做吉他的We only make guitars here.流浪艺人 Mariachi.哪一位 Which one?我不知道你指的是谁I don't know who you mean.我很荣幸见到你I'm honored to be in your presence.但是是另外一个人想见你But there's someone else who wants to meet you.留着吧 这是他为你而作的Keep it. He made that for you.如果我是你 我会立刻转身就走You know, if I was you, son, I'd turn around and go back right now.从哪里来回哪里去Go back to where I came from...而不是出卖自己的灵魂...instead of selling my mind and my soul to these cocksuckers.你说英语 You speak English?其实我并不是这么想I didn't think so.犯罪团伙在打我和我家人的主意Attempts have been made on me and my family by the cartels.威胁到我们The same cartels that are threatening our freedom...至死捍卫的自由freedom which we must defend to the death.我介绍西纳·伯拉斯科给你认识I present to you Senor Blascoe.请坐Please sit.你愿意替我们做事We hear you want to work for us.我也准备开始过新生活I too am ready to start a new life.今天是你的幸运日This is your lucky day.你订了我要的猪肉了吗Did you order my pibil?它有名字吗 他们叫他"厄尔"-Does it have a name? -They call him "El."意思是"那个"As in "The."我知道什么意思 谢谢I know what it means. Thank you.他警告拜地厥团伙 Alert the Barillo cartel...厄尔不再躲了...that El has come out of hiding.我不认为我们应该 你是个能办事的墨西哥人-I don't think we should-- -Are you a Mexican...还是不能办事的墨西哥人...or a Mexi-can't?我能办事I'm a Mexican.那好Good.照我说的做Then do as I say.美妙的旋律 我哥哥教我的-Nice tune. -Something my brother taught me.我杀了他I killed him.这个我已经知道了 有意思的是Yes, I was privy to that information already. How charming.你知道的厄尔 如果我可以这么叫你You know, El, if I may call you that...我已经打探过 犯罪集团出了个大价钱...I've been doing a little snooping around, and it seems that the cartels...要你的人头...have quite a price on your head.我不想跟你一样I wouldn't want to be you.告诉我有谁不愿意你死吗Tell me, is there anyone who doesn't want you dead?告诉我You tell me.我要你去杀个人I need you to kill a man.厄尔你该试试这个El, you really must try this because it's puerco pibil.慢火烤的猪肉 味道无法想像 我的最爱It's a slow-roasted pork, nothing fancy. It just happens to be my favorite...每次我一到墨西哥就会点这道菜 配上特魁勒酒和莱姆果...and I order it with a tequila and lime in every dive I go to in this country.老实说它摆在哪里都是最好的And honestly, that is the best it's ever been anywhere.事实上它好的让我In fact, it's too good.等我吃完付钱的时候It's so good that when I'm finished, I'll pay my check...就会进厨房一枪杀了厨师...walk straight into the kitchen and shoot the cook.因为我要做的 是为了恢复这个国家的秩序Because that's what I do. I restore the balance to this country.这也是我希望你去做的And that is what I would like from you right now.靠子弹维持法律Help keep the balance by pulling the trigger.你想让我去杀厨师 不 这个我自己来-You want me to shoot the cook? -No, I'll shoot the cook.我车正好就停在后面My car's parked out back anyway. You...你去杀马尔克斯...will kill MarQuez.你还记得马尔克斯将军吗Do you remember Gen. MarQuez?他是拜地厥雇来He's being paid by Barillo...想意图军变 趁机杀了总统的...to kill the president in an attempted coup d'etat.意图 奥不 总统该被杀 -Attempted? -Oh, no. The president will be killed...因为他平衡了那块猪肉的代价...because he's that piece of good pork that needs to get balanced out.我说"意图"是因为 我们不想让马尔克斯掌握权力 I say "attempted" because we don't want MarQuez taking power.我要你等马尔克斯 I need you to put the hurting, so to speak, on MarQuez...杀了总统以后再动手 明白了吗 ...after he's killed the president. Savvy?为什么选我 你一无所有-So why me? -You've got nothing to live for...而且你已经死了...and, in a way, you're already dead.马尔克斯就是杀死你的人And MarQuez is the man who killed you.怎么能不回报他呢 去教堂So why not return the favor? Go to the church.更多内容请百度搜索:可小果

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